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Financial Well-being Education

Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System

OPERS manages the public pension system for state employees and wants to ensure all members achieve a secure and lasting retirement. They provide educational seminars for employees throughout the state. Below is a snapshot of their offerings. For a complete list and descriptions, visit their member education page at

Pre-Retirement Seminar

Principles of Financial Planning and Retirement Planning

  • A full-day class provided through OMES Training & Development.
  • Please go through your nominating official to sign up.

Retirement Readiness

Financial Fundamentals

  • Both are on-demand two-hour training classes.
  • Requirement of 35 in attendance.
  • Contact OPERS to schedule.

Empower Retirement

Empower is contracted with the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System to recordkeep the SoonerSave and Pathfinder retirement plans and provide education about these plans to State of Oklahoma employees. These one-hour presentations offered by Empower are:

  • Basics of OPERS pension plan.
  • Basics of SoonerSave:
    • How it works with OPERS to help fill in the retirement income gaps.
    • The difference between the 457 and 401(a) plans.
    • Contribution amounts and changes.
    • Investment options and asset allocation.
    • Website navigation.

Pathfinder Presentation:

  • The highlights of your plan.
  • Why you should save for your retirement.
  • How much you might want to save.
  • Strategies for investing.
  • The investment options available to you through Pathfinder.
  • Distribution options at retirement/end of employment.
  • Website navigation.

To schedule a training presentation, contact Marc Pierce at 405-315-0558 or email [email protected].

Oklahoma’s Credit Union

OKCU, formerly Oklahoma Employees Credit Union, opened its first location in the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Headquarters in Oklahoma City in 1954. They have since added locations near the State Capitol, NW Expressway, Edmond, and Tulsa. Currently, OKCU offers branch access at over 100 locations across Oklahoma and 5,000 locations nationwide. They also offer specialized financial education and will travel to your office upon request. Below is a list of the one-hour training modules, including descriptions.

Retirement & Investing 101

  • Learn the basics of retirement planning, saving and investing to get you on the path to a stable retirement.

10 Ways to Grow Your Money

  • Improve your overall financial picture by discovering how to establish and grow your wealth to become more financially secure.

Protect Your Money & Identity

  • Become educated on how to recognize common scams, proactively protect yourself from fraud, and know what action to take if you are a victim.

"Savvy" Credit Scores

  • Understand why having a good credit score is essential to financial success. Learn how to build, improve, and monitor your credit score with OKCU’s new digital banking tool, “Savvy Money”.

Financial Peace University

  • Attend an eight week course with material created by financial guru Dave Ramsey to learn a step-by-step process on tackling debt and saving for your future*.  
    *Financial Peace registration fee must be paid up front. Eligible for reimbursement with less than one absence.

Look for upcoming classes in Thrive’s newsletter, Thrive Wellness Community on Yammer and emails from your Wellness Coordinator.  If you have other questions please contact  Brandon Holcomb  [email protected]  or call 405.285.9244

Online Financial Management Training

This list of online training and education resources are for those who are not able to attend in-person training. These offer a variety of financial education trainings from different resources, at no cost to you. 

OK Money Matters – Self-Paced Learning Modules

  • You will learn how to make your money matter in every stage of life. From buying a car or house to getting married and having kids, the modules give you the tools you need to make informed financial decisions.

Selections of online modules:

  • Love & Money: protecting your financial future no matter your relationship status.
  • Money Management for College Students: making your money work for you while living the college life.
  • Budgeting: getting the most out of your money by creating a realistic spending plan.
  • Auto Loans: learning to look beyond the monthly payment to get the best car for your needs.
  • Transition to Independence: learning to successfully navigate your financial life after college.
  • Saving and Banking: exploring how to plan for your future and build wealth.

EDX – Courses

Connect learners to the best universities and institutions from around the world. EDX was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. It offers online courses from top institutions to anyone who wants to learn and advance their careers. Most courses are approximately six weeks and ask you to commit up to 3-6 hours a week. Many courses are at no cost unless you want a certificate (which costs $49.00). Other courses have a minimal charge.

Purdue University

Missouri State University

Personal Finance – Available only in the iTunes U app on iPhone or iPad.

  • Goalsetting.
  • Budgeting.
  • Credit.
  • Insurance.
  • Investing.
  • Time Value of Money.
  • Annuities.
  • Personal Financial.

(For complete course description and objectives, select link below.)