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Vacation: Consider it a Big Investment in You

Posted on July 10, 2018 by Susan Robinson

Vacation: Consider it a Big Investment in You

Do you think of yourself as an asset worth investing in? Think of taking vacations as an investment to increase the value of that asset (YOU).

Common misconceptions about work:

  • The longer you work and persevere, the more productive you are.
  • Those that don’t take their vacation time get ahead.
  • Working long hours means job security

Working nonstop could have the opposite effect by leading to constant stress and lower job performance. Harvard Business Review partnered with U.S. Travel Association to shed some light on the relationship between well-being and taking time off from work(1). It seems that giving yourself time to relax and not think about work might be as important as food and exercise.

If you find it hard to take much time off, here are some creative ways to get that much needed break.

  • Take one or two days off before or after a holiday weekend.
  • Take a week off in-between two weekends.
  • Take a few Fridays off each year to travel for a three-day weekend.

To make sure your much-needed vacation doesn’t end up causing you stress, here are some things to consider beforehand:

At work:

  • Delegate tasks and projects.
  • Decide who will handle emergencies.
  • Set up your out of office email, including a back-up contact.

At home:

  • Notify your bank and credit card companies about your trip.
  • Bring some cash (and local currency if traveling out of the country).
  • Print off copies of boarding passes and hotel confirmations.
  • Determine care for your pets.

There are many benefits to your well-being if you make the investment in yourself and take time off for fun and relaxation. Remember that it is paid time off. To put it in perspective, in 2016 Project: Time Off’s study found that for the first time in recorded history, more than half of American’s (55 percent) left vacation days unused(1). Go on vacation! You are worth the investment in your happiness and peace of mind.


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Susan Robinson is a co-program coordinator for “Thrive," and has been with the program since 2007. She earned a Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Southern Nazarene University and a Doctorate of Education in Health Promotion from Oklahoma State University. Prior to her time with OMES, Susan worked in higher education and taught at Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma and Emporia State University. Susan's hobbies include singing in her church and community choirs, traveling and spending time with her daughter and grand dog, Georgi.