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As kids we played in the dirt, digging holes, making mud pies. Sometimes we even helped our parents plant flowers or a vegetable garden. We didn't realize how much we were helping our immune system become stronger. Come to find out, studies now show how gardening and touching the earth promotes overall well-being.

This blog discusses different types of fats and how they affect our bodies. It also informs you which fats you should reduce or avoid. Everyone is encouraged to read labels to see what types of fats are being consumed.

The Livestrong program offered by the local YMCA is more than just an exercise program. Designed to help cancer survivors who have found that returning to physical activity is a new burden after a tough battle, it is a life line. That’s it—a Life Line to begin to Live Strong!

My breast cancer journey began March 4, 2013. By April 2016, I had been through six months of chemo, seven weeks of daily radiation treatment, a mastectomy and five additional surgical procedures, including breast reconstruction. I found that my life revolved around cancer and getting over cancer. Gaining strength to do more than push a grocery cart and unload the groceries after a full day of work seemed like all I could handle.

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